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This series of guerilla recordings was commissioned by the Belgian booking Agency Toutpartout.

We have since recorded and mixed 50+ sessions for the likes of Micah P. Hinson, Widowspeak, Meg Baird & Mary Lattimore, Mauro Pawlowski, Hong Kong Dong, Peter Kernel, Public Psyche, The Girl Who Cried Wolf, Montero, Bed Rugs, Balmorhea, Imarhan, Blitzen Trapper, Scott Matthew, High Hi, Illuminine, Onmens, Melkbelly, Loma, Rafiq Bhatia, Tom Rogerson, Jess Williamson, Kris Dane, MDCIII, Frigs, Nothing, Great Lake Swimmers, Saintseneca, Whispering Sons, Hillary Woods, Crayon Sun, Guy Van Neuten, And They Spoke In Anthems, SX, The Germans, Brutus, Steve Gunn, Stonefield and many others.

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