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What does Donderling do?

Whether you need musical guidance in the form of production, are looking for a moody score for your next indie film or theatre piece, need sound design and sonic branding for an upcoming project, want a live audio recording or want your music mixed;

we've got you covered.

Donderling Audio is home to all musical endeavours by Ian Clement and Stijn Vanmarsenille. We're set up to provide both casual listeners as well as hungry audiophiles with whatever suits their needs.

Having worked on a slew of records with acclaimed producers as David Botrill, Chris Goss and René Tinner, the knowledge has been absorbed and keeps expanding.

Along the way, at studios such as ICP (BE), Rancho De La Luna (US), Motormusic (BE), Number Nine Studios (BE) and Railroad Tracks (DE), we've befriended a vast array of battle-hardened engineers, assistants, studio owners, musicians and freelancers to help us out if we're in need of an extra specialist.

We strongly believe in putting together the right team for the job. Let us know what it is you're looking for and we'll help you make it happen.

Ian & Stijn.

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